Darron’s Real Men Wear Pink Fundraiser


Darron’s Real Men Wear Pink Fundraiser – $5,000 Goal
Rocking the Power of Pink

Why I Wear Pink
I’ve learned that breast cancer is not just a woman’s burden it is a community, national and global burden and crisis! I’ve even found out that men can have it and that really brings into perspective. I wear pink because I know people that have been impacted that are close to me and I feel it’s my obligation to do something so we can get closer to a total cure!

Why I Support the American Cancer Society
For as long as I can remember the American Cancer Society has been on the forefront of cancer research. If look back 30-40 years ago once you had cancer it was truly a death sentence. But now that’s not true. When I look at my boss Donna Baker and she’s taken cancer head on and is winning, so I see the work ACS is doing every day when I walk into my radio station. I look forward to being Real Man and rocking my PINK so we can stamp out cancer…..forever!

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